Log Home Gasket - P Gasket helps Log Builders Build Energy Efficient Log Homes

Developed by a log builder for fellow log builders who share our commitment to building quality scribed log homes.

Ask us about how P Gasket can improve log home construction:

• Installs at the log builder's site during construction or upon tear-down prior to shipping. Stapling flange secures P Gasket in the laterals.

• Made of Polyethylene Foam, an environmentally friendly and extremely lightweight product that boasts excellent compression to 99 percent and compression recovery to 97 percent.

• Contributes as a sound barrier and adds to the “insulative” rating of log walls as defined in the new building codes.

• A very cost effective option - P Gasket is priced competitively which allows builders to offer a better log home to their customers. Pre-installed P Gasket will offset costs during reset and will save labour costs, crane time and truck wait time.

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