Good News For All Our Log Builder Colleagues In Europe - June 18th 2018

Over the years we have fielded many inquiries from our international log building colleagues who wanted to incorporate the benefits of” P Gasket” Log Home Gasket into their log building practices. Unfortunately, the logistics of delivering small orders from North America to individual log home building companies in such places as Slovenia, Sweden and Germany was cost prohibitive.

So we are very happy to that we have established a relationship with Nick Berwain of NicoLog GmbH who is now the official distributor of P Gasket in Europe and beyond. Nick like many European log builders wanted to use P Gasket in his log homes, and decided that by purchasing P Gasket from us by the container load he could not only ensure his own supply, but would be able to meet the needs of the other log home builders who are committed to the best practices in log home construction.

Nick is an active member of the International Log Builder’s Association and is well-known and respected by his colleagues in North America as an innovative log builder and a contributor to the industry – and not only in his native Germany.

Prior to opening the doors of his own log home building company, he undertook the challenge of establishing a sizeable log home construction company in the far reaches of the Russian wilderness, where he was also responsible for training raw talent into log builders.

Nick now supplies customers all over the EU and beyond.

Here is his contact info:
tel: 0049 (0)170 9623271

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